PTSD Help NZ is made up of people that have been diagnosed with PTSD or have experienced a form of trauma and want to ensure that anyone suffering from this condition is able to benefit from resources & regular Support Group Sessions.


Since 2015, I have personally battled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & I genuinely struggled to find the resources I required. As I am sure you are well aware, the cost involved with managing this pain is quite significant. The lack of funding or recognition offered by ACC if your trauma falls outside of their parameters means that many of us must pay out of pocket in order to find methods to cope with this condition.

Paying a standard fee between $100 - $180 a session whether it was for hypnotherapy to manage my flashbacks or counselling to learn how to live with my new reality, far exceeded my salary allowance. Cost definitely stood in the way of my recovery and I felt myself, as well as my doctor, didn't have a proper grasp on where or who I should be contacting to find a solution.

Our Mission

To be a supportive community in Auckland that accepts you, your trauma, your struggles and victories just as they are. Empathy is at the very foundation of PTSD Help NZ and this will be what helps facilitate a safe place for each of us to feel accepted.

What We've Achieved

  • Providing a location for other victims of trauma to investigate treatment options.

  • Spreading the word via the internet & Social Media about our events.